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How To Place An Order
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Search by Keyword

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Other Products

Other Products

Customers' Feedback

Customers' Feedback

"My order has arrived in top condition and very well packaged. Thank you for a very efficient service. I will definitely be purchasing from you again, as I've done in the past." -- Dotty K. (Queensland, Australia)


Browsing Our Catalogue

Choose a Category using the Products navigation bar (on the top or left-hand side of the page).

Select a main category you would like to browse with (i.e. SINGLES, PAIRS, SETS, LUCKY DIP, ACCESSORIES and SPECIALS).

 Under each main category, all products have been placed into different subcategories (i.e. people, animals, scenery, company advertising, beverage, sports, cartoons, etc). 

 Alternatively, you can type in keyword(s) in the search box on the left-side of the page (under the main navigation bar) and you will able to get a list of results corresponding to the keyword(s) you are searching (i.e. keyword “Disney cartoon”).


Information about the Products

  • All products will be listed in a thumbnail-size picture along with the title and condition of the cards (i.e. NM, E, G, F)
  • Click on the picture to view the information and details of the particular product.
  • Condition of cards are vary depends on the age of the card(s) and the usage. Please refer to CARDS GRADING SYSTEM for more information about the reference code of the condition of cards (i.e. NM, E, G, F).
  • Alternatively, please contact us if you are concerned about the condition (i.e. in Good or Fair or Poor condition) of the card(s) that you are interested with. We will send you a digital copy of the card(s) to help you decide on your order.



Place an Order

  • When you find a product that you like, all you need to do is key in the quantity that you want to order in the QTY box.
  • Please contact us if you want to order more than 5 of an identical product to confirm the stock availability.
  • Click on the “Add to Cart” button and the item will be placed directly in your shopping cart.
  • At Cart Review page, you can alter your shopping list, or continue browsing by clicking 'Continue Shopping' button or pay for items by clicking the 'Checkout' button.

    You will find that placing an order is a very quick and flexible process. You can place your order either as an anonymous user or log in if you have an account on the site in the future. You can easily keep track of your order as we will provide you an ordering number when you’ve checkout.

view your shopping cart


All you need to do is tell us where you want your order delivered and invoice sent.

  • At Checkout, you will able to see your shopping list, including the product, quantity, subtotal and total of your purchases. 
  • Please fill in the shipping information.
  • Please key in your Member Discount Code if applicable (please note you will entitled to receive 5% off disount of each of your purchase each time once you've registered as a member. It's free and easy, please check out this link "new member sign up")
  • Click “Next”.
  • Please fill in the payment (billing) information – select “same as ship to” if the payment information is identical to the shipping information.


check out

shipping details

Once you clicked "next", you will see this screen about billing details, postage charge and payment method.

billing details

Postage charge  

Our system is a high security platform - no party (neither you nor us) will able to change your order manually.

The system will determine a postage charge based on the weights of the product you ordered, i.e. cards (Singles, Pairs, Sets, Themes, Lucky Dip), albums & accessories. If you think you have been charged with a high price postage, please contact us and we will reise the postage for you (if applicable).


Please contact us if you order a mixture of products from more than one category and we will revise the postage charge for you – we do combine postage to save your money!


Payment Information

Please select your Payment Method.  

  • If you choose to pay via Credit Card, please insert your credit card number and proceed the payment.  

  • If you choose to pay via PayPal, please select PayPal and click "next".  You have to login to your paypal account and pay to orders@swapcards.com.au.

  •  If you choose to pay via bank deposit or money order, we will send you a notification email with your order and the payment details. 

If you chose Bank Direct Deposit/ Money Order as your payment method, this is what you will see:

Bank Direct Deposit/ Money Order

If you choose PayPal as your payment method, please login to your paypal account and select "send money"

paypal payment


Please contact us if you order a mixture of products from more than one category and we will revise the postage charge for you – we do combine postage to save your money!

Please contact us at info@swapcards.com.au if you have any concerns with the overcharge item or postage and we’ll revise the correct charges for you, thank you.



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