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Swap Cards Playing Cards Grading System & Guideline
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Customers' Feedback

"Wonderful service - quality product, fast service, friendly and prompt communication - happy to recommend & buy again through swapcards.com.au-- Anna (Victoria, Australia)



This is a SWAP CARD GRADING SYSTEM guide we use throughout our website. 

This guide only represents our opinion and does not represent any third party grading. We believe we grade our swap cards and playing cards conservatively (i.e. you may view the quality as higher than our description). We do not guarantee that same or similar grading will be achieved from any other parties.   





Perfect condition, no damage, never used: clean cards, no pen or pencil mark on cards, excellent corners and borders, no tears, no crease, not folded/bent.



Either taken straight from the deck OR only been used once or twice in their lifetime 

Near Perfect condition, clean cards with very minor and hardly noticeable flaw (normally due to the manufacturer’s imperfect production).

No pen or pencil mark on cards, excellent corners and borders, no tears, no crease, not folded/bent.



“Like New”, clean cards with very minor and hardly noticeable flaw.

No pen or pencil mark on cards, no worn corners. May show minor wear and (or) age – very slight crease / folded.



Fine to above average condition.

Cards show clear indications of age, wear and (or) use: minor pen or pencil mark(s) on cards, corners and borders are in good condition, may show some slight worn corners, minor tears / crease / folded / bent.

Sometimes cards can be in excellent condition (no creases or bent) but fall into this category due to the clear indications of age.



Card shows clear indications of age, heavily worn and under average condition.

May shows pen or pencil mark(s) on card, imperfect and worn corners, with tears / crease / folded.



To avoid any misunderstanding and disappointment, please contact us if you are concerned about the condition of the card(s) that you are interested in.

Please contact us and leave the Item Title or SKU Number in your message. We will send you a digital copy of the card(s) and you can decide before you place an order to anticipate any disappointment.

Please Note:

  • All prices shown are in Australian Dollars (AUD) for Australian & New Zealand Buyers.
  • Overseas Buyer please click on Currency Format (on the top of the page) and select US Dollar as your currency.
  • Please contact us if your order quantity is over 5 for an identical product as the stocks varies depend on the stock availability.
  • Colours may differ on computer monitors.
  • Size and weight are an approximate only.
  • Stored in clean, smoke free and pet free home (However some of the vintage cards came with the "vintage odour" when purchased) 

Please contact us at info@swapcards.com.au


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